What is Mind /Body wellness

The concept of mind/body wellness springs from the widely held belief that your mental, emotional, and spiritual self are not separate from the physical, flesh-and-blood you. They are all deeply interconnected on levels you may not even be aware of yet.

While we may more easily accept the idea that physical pain can have emotional repercussions, the reverse is also true: Emotional disturbances can, and most likely will, have an impact on our physical state. For example, have you ever ended up with a cold during a time of acute stress? In this holistic philosophy, all components of the self are considered. It says that we are more than what we think, what we feel, or what happens to us physically—that the "self" is the sum of all of these components weaved together.

So next time that you experience a difficult time in your life notice if you experience any physical pain / illness that comes suddenly & take a step back and notice that those difficult or stressful times are not worth risking your health & wellbeing.

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