5 Reasons Optimists Stand Out From the Crowd

By Ashton Aiden

1. Optimists Are Flexible

Happy people know how to be resilient and bounce back from setbacks. Sometimes optimists can surprise us by just how quickly they can overcome their problems. In their worldview, life's problems are not destructive, immovable or even discouraging. Quite the contrary. For them, difficulties are only temporary and specific to their particular path through life. For them, overcoming difficulties is a normal part of existence.

2. Optimists Are Optimistic

Most people love to talk about their problems: about what went wrong, where it went wrong, et cetera, et cetera. Happy people are not consumed by their concerns; instead of complaing about their problems, they are orientated towards solving them. Our verbal outpourings tease us because they do not really change anything. So if you're tired of complaining, and feel that it's time to roll up your sleeves and fix the problem, ask an optimist for advice. The simple act of asking will surely benefit you.

3. Optimists Have a Wide Range of Positive Emotions

Happy people naturally have more positive emotions than negative ones. According to some analyses, happy people are three times more optimistic than pessimistic. This does not prevent happy people from experiencing moments of sadness and disappointment, but unlike most people who try their best to suppress their negative emotions, optimists meet them head-on in order to draw lessons from them. A woeful period in their life serves as a prompt that perhaps they need to change something. You can do this too by either learning a little more about yourself, or by stepping back and re-evaluating your situation.

4. Optimists Enjoy Things That Others Take for Granted

There is no better connoisseur of life than a happy person: they fully enjoy everything that happens to them, and then save the memory as a very special and vivid picture. For example, if you are running late for work because of traffic, you have the opportunity to stop and appreciate the flowers by the side of the road. Many optimists adopt the maxim "live for the moment." They do not need someone else to help them enjoy what is happening around them, they just enjoy it. Try this yourself.

5. Optimists are Constantly Looking for Challenges and Self-Improvement

Optimists are often actively looking for ways to challenge and improve themselves. Their understanding of personal success is very crisp: they understand that a lot of their effort that they set to overcome challenges of their life will lead in success or help them grow stronger.

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