Proof That Our Studio Can Accomodate 30+ Students In One Class

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To everyone who thinks 10 to 15 students in a class is crowded, here is a picture of the 805 boot camp crew (32 students) taking class in the studio without touching each other. It was a great session and there was LOTS of energy. 


How does practice of yoga keeps one mentally & physically energized.

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Fundamentally, the word health itself comes from the root word "whole." What you call as feeling healthy is that you have a sense of wholeness in you. Medically, if you're free of diseases, that's not health. You feel like a complete human being in your body, in your mind, in your spirit that's when you're healthy. So there are any number of people who are medically healthy but not healthy in the actual sense because they don't experience that sense of wellness within themselves.

If one has to experience that sense of wholeness and oneness, wellness within themselves, it's important that their body mind and above all, their energy, functions in a certain level of intensity within themselves.

Now, physically you may be medically healthy but your energies are lethargic. You find everything is okay but you don't know why things don't happen in your life the way they should, both inside and out. If your energy body is in proper balance and full flow, your physical body and mental body will be in perfect health. There is no question about it. Now when we say keeping the energy body in full flow, this is not about doing healing or this or that. This is about going to the foundations of your energy system and activating it in a proper way. Building a foundational practice that establishes your energy in such a way that your body and mind is naturally fine.


Choose Love

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By Tim Brieske, M.D.

As far as we know, human beings are the only life forms on the planet with conscious awareness – the ability to know that we know and to be aware that we are aware. We're able to perceive both our inner and outer environments and we can make conscious choices about where we direct one of our most valuable gifts: our attention.

As many great wisdom traditions teach, whatever we put our attention on expands in our experience. We can focus on grievances, shortcomings, and pain, and those qualities will grow in importance to us. Or we can instead choose to shift our attention to beauty, love, and laughter, and we will perceive their expansion in our life.

When I'm practicing medicine, I realize a feeling of love as I relate to those seeking care. I find that as I direct my attention and shift my perception towards love and connection, the layers of my mind, intellect, and ego become less rigid, more elastic, and relatively transparent. This has the effect of allowing the love and spiritual energy we all possess to be communicated in a more authentic, less refracted way.


Got a question? Get the answer!

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Q. What are the benefits to using a yoga block?

A. The yoga block is a very useful prop for instructors to use with their clients when practicing yoga and Pilates. The foam used is extra-firm for stability, it's durable and comfortable and is also a very effective prop to ensure proper spinal alignment.

Flexibility is one of the common culprits for improper spinal alignment. Whether it's short hamstrings, tight lumbar spine or grippy short psoas, it's necessary to sit on a block to find a pain-free neutral spinal alignment when seated on the shins or bum. Sitting higher helps to give a bit more space, putting the hips in less flexion.

The yoga block is also useful for adductor connection. Inserting the block between the legs assists in maintaining pelvic floor connection and hip distance alignment. The yoga block also provides feedback to the scapula to assist with stabilization and add resistance for the arms.

Sarah Jarvis


Technology, Better Communication or Not

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I bought a perfectly good flip phone three years ago, but lately people tease me about it as if I'm using something from the Victorian Era. Before that, I had a different flip phone, which followed an analog cell phone. Remember those? And before that, I had a telephone with a wire that stuck in a wall. You want to know which one had the best sound quality? The one that stuck in the wall. But I digress... What I want to talk about is what hasn't been upgraded: the quality of human communication. The quality of our conversations with friends and loved ones hasn't improved one bit. In fact, many people now send text messages instead of conversing at all. We have far greater access, but far less intimacy.


Identifying and Expressing Your Needs in Relationships

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By: David Simon

Most of us did not receive formal instructions on how to love. As we were growing up, we learned by observing our parents, siblings, and caregivers, who may or may not have been competent at managing and expressing their emotions. Judging from my personal and professional experiences, most people have a fairly undeveloped emotional skill set.

If we succumb to unconscious emotional patterns, we demonstrate the primitive love skills we learned, and the same patterns are repeated generation after generation. We can trace our emotional inheritance back to the original dysfunctional family of Adam and Eve – and we know from the Bible how their children turned out.


The Guru Is You, how yoga cured me

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by Bhava Ram of Deep Yoga

You have a power deep within you to overcome your greatest challenges, to heal to your maximum potential, to find your authentic voice, and to manifest your fullest potential.

Each of us was born with this power, yet we have been largely disenfranchised from it as a result of the fast-paced, high stress way of life that is so pervasive in our modern times.

When we are disconnected from our inner power, we suffer. We make poor lifestyle decisions, eat the wrong foods, rely on medications to mask our symptoms, and diminish our mental and physical health in the process. The sister sciences of Yoga and Ayurveda (the Science of Life) offer a pathway home to our inner power.


On Gossiping

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From: Kute Blackson's Blog

Gossip robs you of energy and is a cheap way to feel good about yourself.

It is pointless entertainment.

Whenever you gossip about someone else you lower your own vibration.

Whenever you gossip you waste your time, and your own life.

Whenever you gossip you give the person you gossip about your energy and power for that moment.

It serves nothing to gossip or speak negatively about another. Gossip is an empty calorie communication, like eating cheap fast food that leaves you dissatisfied.


Yoga After 50, Still Going Strong

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By JC Peters on Jul 12, 2013 in Health & Wellbeing

The story we are typically told about aging is that it is a downward slope: we get older, weaker, frailer, and sicker. Upon seeing images of young yogis, an older person might think, I can't do that. That's not for me.

Sure, there are flexible young women in my yoga classes, but there's also Kate, a beautiful white-haired woman with a steady and powerful practice; Don, an older gentleman with a daughter my age; and, of course, my mom, who is also my business partner at my yoga studio. It's not uncommon to see these older students flowing with ease through the postures I offer while younger, newer students struggle and sweat.

My mom is a great example of someone who is not following the linear story about aging. Since she got more consistent in her yoga five years ago, she is stronger, her balance is better, and, she says, "My knees look younger! I think it's all those Warrior Twos."


Natural Ways to Balance Your Hormones

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By Valencia Porter, M.D., M.P.H. - From Chopra Center Newsletter

For the past few years, hormone replacement therapy has become a well-publicized and highly debated topic, and many women are looking for natural alternatives to "standard" hormone therapy. In the reproductive years, varying cycles of estrogen and progesterone, as well as their effects on neurotransmitters, lead many women to experience mood swings, painful cramps, bloating, and more than 100 other less-than-pleasant symptoms of PMS (premenstrual syndrome). For perimenopausal women, fluctuations in these same hormones can contribute to hot flashes, night sweats, mood changes, and weight gain. These hormonal fluctuations may go on for years before finally dipping down to post-menopausal levels.

With conventional treatment, women with PMS may end up taking a multitude of medicines, one for each symptom, often with incomplete relief. Women going through menopause might also take the symptom management approach or decide to restore their estrogen, progesterone, or testosterone levels through hormone replacement therapy (HRT).


Speaking of Control

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From : Kute Blackson, inspirational Guru

It's easy to be miserable.

In fact sometimes we get addicted.

Misery becomes familiar and comfortable in a strange way. We at least know what we will experience even though it's painful.

It takes no courage to be miserable.

It takes real courage to be happy.

The root of misery is control. Control is really an illusion, as there is so much in life that is not in your control. When you try and control what you cannot, then suffering is your guaranteed result.

Control is the master addiction, the hardest to give up.

You will be controlled by what you try and control. The more you try and be in control you may find the less control you gain.


Have Faith and Jump Through

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By : Kino MacGregor

The mystery of lifting your body off the ground in the yoga practice is both seductive and elusive. When you can hold your body weight off the ground in powerful arm balances your confidence increases. But when you cannot find the way towards strength you hit a wall that feels insurmountable every time you practice. Rather than quitting, every posture has a method that when applied will lead to measurable results. Most of our effort in the practice is about finding the most efficient method of practice. Once we find the key tool to unlock the secrets of the practice postures and movements that seemed impossible often become easily possible.


Black Bean Brownies

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By : Natalie Goolamallee


  • 1 can black beans; rinsed and well drained
  • 3-4 heaping Tbsp raw cocoa powder
  • 2/3 cup gluten free oats
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 1/3 cup pure maple syrup (or honey if you are not vegan)
  • 1/3 cup coconut oil
  • 3 tsp vanilla
  • 3/4 tsp baking powder
  • 1 cup chocolate chips


Preheat oven to 350. Mix all ingredients except chocolate chips in a FOOD PROCESSOR. Once it's reached a very smooth consistency, fold in chocolate chips and spread into an oiled 8x8 pan. Bake for 20-25 minutes. Let cool in the pan for at least 10 minutes before cutting.

If you really want to go all out you can top them with this decadent chocolate icing.

Chocolate Avocado Icing


  • 1 ripe avocado
  • 1 heaping Tbsp of raw cocoa powder
  • 1-2 tsp maple syrup


Combine all ingredients in food processor until creamy and spread on cooled brownies.


Improve Your Foot Fitness to Stay Safe and Injury-Free with Better Ankle Movement

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Healthy feet and ankles aren't just for athletes... Everybody needs to pay attention to foot fitness to stay healthy, active, and pain-free, and having a good hinge from the ankle is what helps us balance better, and push off the ground to propel the body forward when we move.

Yes, calf stretching plays a part in effective ankle hinging, but if you think about it, getting a good stretch is a side benefit of finding a good free hinge action from the ankle joint.

Here is ONE Simple Secret to Improve Your Ankle Mobility for a Better Hinge:

Lead from the HEEL when you flex your ankle.

Are you aware of what you're doing when you flex your feet?

When you pull the toes back first to flex the foot (whether you're stretching, walking, or running) it actually restricts your movement from the ankle. And, if you walk and run a lot (1/2 marathon or full marathon distances) and have trouble keeping your toenails on, leading from your toes to flex the foot when you heel strike may be a contributing factor for your pretty, purple and falling off toenails!


You Cannot Out Give the Universe

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By : Kute Blackson

Give all you have to each moment, holding nothing back.

When you give, it may not come back to you from where or whom you think it should but it always does. The energy you put out will always re circulate and find its perfect way back to you.

Trust life.

I look at my life today and see the energy that has cycled back to me from years ago from what I gave, energy I extended and value I added just because it felt right in my heart at the time that I gave.

So when you feel moved to give, don't stop the pure flow of your heart. To hold back the pure impulse of love that seeks to flow through your heart is painful.

When you give, you expand. In this expansion you open yourself to be able to receive at the level you are able to give. The more you give, the more you open within yourself the space to receive.

When you hold back you're giving out of fear, you block yourself from the natural flow of life, and as a result you reinforce lack and scarcity.