Found Myself On My Mat

About a year ago I finally fulfilled a long ignored promise to myself, and at the ripe old age of 55 started taking Yoga classes.

From my very first meeting with Mina, where she evaluated my level of confidence (none), flexibility (limited) and knowledge of yoga positions (only what I'd seen on TV)I have felt embraced by a new family of teachers and fellow students. A year into my practice I am down 15lbs and have a new level of strength,flexibility, confidence and peace. What started out as a way to prevent my fear of a lack of mobility as I got older has turned into SO much more.

At SoulBody Yoga you will find encouragement, support challenge and laughter, you will find family. I have taken classes with numerous instructors and they are all remarkable, I suggest trying them all to see what fits. I can truly say the best part of my day is the time I spend on my mat, it allows me to reconnect with myself and helps me to be a better, kinder person to myself and the rest of the world.