Flexibility Prevented an Injury

Over the years, I tried different Yoga studios before I discovered Mina. She is the best Yoga instructor. Her mix of serious knowledge with playful humor makes Yoga fun.

I am a trail runner, and thought Yoga would be a good way to improve my balance and prevent my muscles from becoming too tight. Many times on trails where it is easy to stumble or slide on loose soil, the balance practice has kept me on my feet.

The flexibility became evident a few weeks ago when I had my first fall. My lower leg tucked under my upper leg as I slid down the trail. I looked down at my knee and thought, "well I just tore up some tendons in my knee, racing over." I stood up and to my astonishment, knee was uninjured.

Instantly I thought, "Thank you Mina!" There is no doubt that if I had not been practicing Yoga with Mina, I would have at the very least torn a muscle.


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