Crystal Bowls Resonate With Me

Mina's studio as far as I'm concerned is the best in the area. I've sat in on 4 different Yoga studios in the area and they just do not have the quality that this studio has to offer.

She and the other teachers are so great and well informed.They pay close attention to you so that you do the yoga correctly. The classes are not crowded & participants get that personal attention.

They come up with new arrangement of poses from time to time so it is always interesting. They also have a varied arrangement of classes and styles of Yoga. My favorites are Naam Yoga and Yin Yoga and Yang Yoga. Plus I enjoy the Crystal Bowls every month. Mina also has guest talks from time to time and the ones I've been to are always informative and fun.

The yoga has made me feel so much better and I am grateful for my teachers Mina, Christina and Paula and Nancy! Plus John and Debbie teachers for the Crystal Bowls!!!

Thanks Mina for creating this studio!

Take care,

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