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mina testimonialThrough out the years I have heard many inspiring stories from those who practice yoga on a regular basis. I wanted to create a blog of inspiration for and from the members of SoulBody Yoga. Through persistent practice, relaxation and centering you can experience miracles of your own. Please send your story to me and I will share it with our members.

Love All Ways


Injury Rehabilitation

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After sustaining a frustrating injury, I wanted to find a quality studio to help my recovery both physically and mentally and I've found that here. Mina is dedicated to healing others inside and out and her teaching is only to be surpassed by her warmth of spirit. Each class I've taken with the variety of instructors has seemed as if it were tailored specifically to my needs. I'm thankful everyday that I've found warm, caring healing at SoulBody Yoga.



Pain Free After Intense Hike

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After 3 months, 2 times a week in your Hatha/Vinyasa flow class, I went on a very intense backpack trip. After the trip, the first time in over 20 years I did not have any hip or knee pain. I believe that your class made all the difference. I was bribed at first to go to your class, I now look forward to waking up early and going to your class. Looks like your classes have added many years and miles for me to go hiking.



Flexibility Prevented an Injury

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Over the years, I tried different Yoga studios before I discovered Mina. She is the best Yoga instructor. Her mix of serious knowledge with playful humor makes Yoga fun.

I am a trail runner, and thought Yoga would be a good way to improve my balance and prevent my muscles from becoming too tight. Many times on trails where it is easy to stumble or slide on loose soil, the balance practice has kept me on my feet.

The flexibility became evident a few weeks ago when I had my first fall. My lower leg tucked under my upper leg as I slid down the trail. I looked down at my knee and thought, "well I just tore up some tendons in my knee, racing over." I stood up and to my astonishment, knee was uninjured.

Instantly I thought, "Thank you Mina!" There is no doubt that if I had not been practicing Yoga with Mina, I would have at the very least torn a muscle.



Crystal Bowls Resonate With Me

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Mina's studio as far as I'm concerned is the best in the area. I've sat in on 4 different Yoga studios in the area and they just do not have the quality that this studio has to offer.

She and the other teachers are so great and well informed.They pay close attention to you so that you do the yoga correctly. The classes are not crowded & participants get that personal attention.

They come up with new arrangement of poses from time to time so it is always interesting. They also have a varied arrangement of classes and styles of Yoga. My favorites are Naam Yoga and Yin Yoga and Yang Yoga. Plus I enjoy the Crystal Bowls every month. Mina also has guest talks from time to time and the ones I've been to are always informative and fun.

The yoga has made me feel so much better and I am grateful for my teachers Mina, Christina and Paula and Nancy! Plus John and Debbie teachers for the Crystal Bowls!!!

Thanks Mina for creating this studio!

Take care,


Life Changing

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Before coming to this studio, I had tried 2 other studios and after attending a couple of sessions I had decided yoga wasn't for me. However Mina's studio changed my life, for she approaches yoga from the heart. I love going to class and I miss it when I am unable to. It has taught me so much about my body and life in general. It has made me stronger mentally, emotionally, and physically. Now when obstacles come my way, I am able to deal with them more rationally and approach them with a positive manner. Also, I have less headaches and I am able to encourage others to take yoga so they can experience all the benefits I have experienced. I cannot thank Mina enough for all she's done for me, for yoga has become such a big part of my life, I don't know what I'd without it. So, thank you Mina profoundly for being such a good yoga teacher and friend.



The Guide To Body And Mind

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B.K.S. Iyengar wrote "The yogic journey guides us from our periphery, the body, to the
center of our being, the soul. The aim is to integrate the various layers so that the inner
divinity shines out as through clear glass." This makes SoulBody sound like the perfect name
for a yoga studio.

For me working with my body in yoga is relatively easy. Fortunately, I have the flexibility
gene. I always thought I was flexible because I had so little muscle, but the latest science says that to a large degree flexibility is genetic. Where I have received the most benefit in the last 15 months since I started at SoulBody Yoga is in my overall strength, including my bone
health. I can definitely see and feel the improvement in my yoga practice, as well as in my
hiking and bicycling.

The challenging part for me is traversing that route to the soul. My personal yogic path began
in 1975 at Midwest Mountaineering in Minneapolis, when I picked up a flyer announcing yoga
classes to build strength and stamina. I was intrigued by yoga but I could only afford one class and I needed to get stronger. So this sounded perfect. To say the classes were rigorous would be an understatement. What I remember most though, was the teacher always telling us that if we're not paying attention we're not doing yoga. This is the criteria that keeps me humble.

The yogic sages tell us that our innermost Being is already perfect. The teachers at SoulBody Yoga do a wonderful job of guiding us on the path to our true spirits. Each time they give an instruction or gently remind us to spread our fingers, pull our shoulders back, or raise our knee caps; they are telling us to pay attention and ultimately helping us break down the barriers so "our inner divinity shines".



I Found A New World

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I had never taken a yoga and/or Pilate's class before coming to Soul Body Yoga. I have to admit I was a little hesitant as to what this would all be about, or if I was even up to the challenge! Your teachings have brought me so much balance and peace to my life as well as strength to my body. Even on the most stressful of days, when I am able to attend one of your classes, I always feel so much better...both physically and spiritually. I know now that yoga will be a life-long practice for me.

No matter what your level is...even with an injury, it is possible to listen to your body and customize your practice to best suit your needs.

I can't thank you enough, Mina, for opening this new world to me!!

Love & Blessings always,


Member From The Beginning

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Yoga has helped me increase my bone density and has helped my scoliosis tremendously! While I have experienced health benefits, the mental benefits and the relaxation that I receive are the real reasons I keep coming back! I find all of the teachers at Soul Body Yoga to be amazing, each with their own individual talents. The more I go to yoga classes the more I want to go-I am addicted.

Thank you Mina-


Found What I Had Been Searching For

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For years, I've been seeking a yoga studio that stands for more than the physical practice of yoga, and embraces the mind, body and spirit of Yoga. I found that in Mina, as well as the teachers that she carefully selects. I love the variety of classes, which includes unusual ones, like Naam Yoga. I came to the studio seeking to open my body to a deeper level of healing from long ago sexual assaults. This meant listening, adapting, allowing and often times choosing to do something different than the class because my body was seeking something in particular. I've always felt supported and celebrated in those choices.



Found Myself On My Mat

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About a year ago I finally fulfilled a long ignored promise to myself, and at the ripe old age of 55 started taking Yoga classes.

From my very first meeting with Mina, where she evaluated my level of confidence (none), flexibility (limited) and knowledge of yoga positions (only what I'd seen on TV)I have felt embraced by a new family of teachers and fellow students. A year into my practice I am down 15lbs and have a new level of strength,flexibility, confidence and peace. What started out as a way to prevent my fear of a lack of mobility as I got older has turned into SO much more.

At SoulBody Yoga you will find encouragement, support challenge and laughter, you will find family. I have taken classes with numerous instructors and they are all remarkable, I suggest trying them all to see what fits. I can truly say the best part of my day is the time I spend on my mat, it allows me to reconnect with myself and helps me to be a better, kinder person to myself and the rest of the world.